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Find out how Commonwealth's fresh approach to employee awareness-training can energize your enterprise-wide training initiatives.

For thirty years and with over 34,000 of the world's leading corporations and government agencies as its clients, Commonwealth Films of Boston has stood as the international leader in the specialized fields of legal compliance, information/computer security, and disaster recovery/business continuity — creating engaging, real-world dramatized narrative productions about today's critical business issues that bring training to life.

Now, Commonwealth Films and Commonwealth Media continue that tradition with a new and growing family of Web-based e-learning programs and other online and blended learning solutions-together once again setting a new standard in employee education and training.

Contact us to discuss our program offerings, our extensive content customization options, licensing, and other details.

Featured Programs

Disaster Recovery/
Business Continuity
Planning, Testing, Readiness
The Right Thing
Doing Business Legally
and Ethically
Antitrust Untangled
For Sales, Supervisory, and
Management Personnel

Now you can
reach all of your employees
right at their desktops
with our new Web-based
e-learning programs for
business and government.
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